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freelance IT developers who know how to solve your problems. And we are not just developers - we have been in this business many, many years and have learned & mastered all the steps of producing and maintaining apps, building relationships with clients and understanding their needs.

We have experience in international & multi-diversity projects and successfully cooperate with developers / owners from all over the world. As we mostly work remotely - location is not a problem for us.

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What we do

In our on-line portfolio we have shown mostly websites based on Wordpress (as this projects are easy to show), but our portfolio is much larger that that. We have experience in many different IT areas starting from business analysis, software design, architecture & development all the way to project management.
  • If you have an idea and want to start a project and don't know how or where to start - we can help you.
  • If you need a custom business application or business big-data analysis - we'll be glad to help you or participate within the team.
  • If you need a brand new modern web site with custom design solution - we will buid it for you.
  • If you have web site that is not working/performing as you like it - no problem, we will fix it for you.
  • If you need a custom API integration - we do the integrations too.
We do all this with a little help of our friends: Phyton, php, JavaScript, jQuery, sql (DB2, Oracle, Postgresql, MS SQL, MySql)

Why we are different?

Well, maybe we are not so different, but we are better. Why? Because our knowledge is much wider than just knowing one or two trendy IT tools/languages ... we have experience in building different business models. We can understand your needs, predict pitfalls, give you ideas & consultation, and also train you during the process of creating your new webpage/app experience.
Imagine to have all main areas covered: project management, business analysis, design, databases, back-end, front-end... This is the main reason why we can see the big picture.
We are passionate about our work, dedicated, responsible and we always keep our deadlines.
We solve problems. We are not into selling misleading crap with empty fancy words and big promises. If we think that we are not suitable for the job - we can recommend you to our fellowship freelancers...

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